RECON seeks to clarify whether democracy is possible under conditions of pluralism, diversity and complex multilevel governance. Three different models for reconstituting democracy in Europe are delineated and assessed with the overall aim of developing a theory of democratic deliberative supranationalism. Read more on RECON’s research.

RECON project summary

RECON project structure

RECON is an Integrated Project supported by the European CommissionÂ’s Sixth Framework Programme for Research, Priority 7: Citizens and governance in a knowledge-based society.

Project period: 1 January 2007 – 31 December 2011. 


For previous research within this field, see the CIDEL project that concluded in October 2005.

RECON has more than 100 participating researchers across Europe, most of whom are affiliated to one of the 21 partner institutions of RECON. They cover a wide range of academic fields, from political science (political theory, international relations, constitutional politics, European politics, gender studies), sociology (including specialist competence in media research), linguistics, anthropology, information science, law and legal theory (constitutional law, human rights law, international and European economic law, transnational law, public law, tax law), to economics, with a particular emphasis on fiscal policy and European public policy.

RECON conferences, workshops and other events also attract researchers and stakeholders that are not formally members of the project. The project’s Reflection Group, consisting of prominent scholars from Europe, Australia, Canada and the US, constitutes an institutionalized link to the wider research community. Thus, RECON addresses a large research community on European studies, in addition to policy makers, civil society and other stakeholders.



The project is coordinated by ARENA – Centre for European Studies at the University of Oslo. Prof. Erik O. Eriksen is coordinatorand scientific responsible and is supported in the project management by a coordination office at ARENA.