European Conference on Politics and Gender

Belfast, 21-23 January 2009


The Centre for Advancement of Women in Politics at Queen’s University Belfast will host the first European Conference on Politics and Gender on 21-23 January 2009.

The programme contains a keynote address by Professor Judith Squires (University of Bristol) titled ‘Gender Equality: Institutional and Theoretical Challenges’ and a roundtable about the EU-funded gender and politics projects. Approximately 300 participants are expected to participate in 60 panels.

Draft programme (download pdf)


The Conference is arranged around ten sections:

SECTION 1: Social Movements – Section chair: Lee Ann Banaszak

SECTION 2: a) Political Parties and Quotas – Section chair: Sarah Childs
SECTION 2: b) Political Representation  – Section chair: Joni Lovenduski

SECTION 3: Sexuality and the Body – Section chair: Joyce Outshoorn

SECTION 4: Methods and Methodologies – Section chair: Jacqui True

SECTION 5: Violence, war and security – Section chair: Lene Hansen

SECTION 6: Development and democracy – Section chair: Shirin Rai

SECTION 7: States and Public Policies – Section chair: Amy Mazur

SECTION 8: Identity and Multiculturalism – Section chair: Sawitri

SECTION 9: Citizenship – Section chair: Birte Siim

SECTION 10: Feminism and the International – Section chair: Christine Sylvester


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The conference is organised by ECPR Standing Group on Gender and Politics, which forms a broad-based network on issues relating to the study of gender and sexuality in politics and world politics. Over the past ten years ther esearch conducted in this field has expanded significantly and the number of group’s participants in the ECPR Joint Sessions and General Conferences has increased exponentially. Therefore, in 2007, the Standing Group on Gender and Politics decided to arrange the first ever Gender and Politics conference Рthe European Conference on Politics and Gender (ECPG). The members of the Standing Group found it important to use the momentum to build up, strengthen and expand the gender and politics community in Europe and beyond. The aim is to turn the new conference into a bi-annual international conference on gender and politics.


Co-convenors of the Standing Group on Gender and Politics: Johanna Kantola (University of Helsinki, Finland) and Karen Celis (University College Ghent, Belgium).

Local organiser: Yvonne Galligan (Queens University, Belfast)

Deadline for call for papers was 1 June 2008

For more information, please consult the ECPR conference website. 


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