ECPR Joint Sessions 2010

Münster, 22-27 March 2010


Yvonne Galligan (Queen’s University Belfast) and Johanna Kantola (University of Helsinki) convened a workshop on Gender perspectives on democratic governance in multi-level Europe at the European Consortium for Political Research (ECPR) 38th Joint Sessions of Workshops in Münster in March 2010.

The workshop 'Gender perspectives on democratic governance in multi-level Europe' attracted 18 papers and a lively participation during the ECPR Joint Sessions in Munster. The workshop spanned three thematic areas: the EU supranational level; policy implementation in multi-level contexts; and the public sphere. Among the participants were Birgit Sauer, Nicole Doerr, Kateřina Vráblíková, Heather MacRae, Drude Dahlerup, Sabine Lang, Annika Kronsell and Anil al-Rebholz.

Papers covered the European Parliament, European security and defence policy, gender violence, and policy networks in the EU, along with country studies on gender and democracy (Greece, Austria, Turkey, Slovenia, Finland). Other papers focused on civil society in a European transnational context, Euroscepticism among the women of Europe, and devolved governance in an EU context. Another group of papers considered social movements, networks and deliberations in the EU transnational setting. Participants came from across Europe, and included doctoral students, early career researchers and established scholars. Many papers spoke, directly and indirectly, to the subject of reconstituting democracy in Europe.


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