ECPR General Conference 2011


Reykjavik, 25-27 August 2011

RECON section: Reconstituting Democracy in Europe 
A section on ‘Reconstituting democracy in Europe’ will be organised at the 6th ECPR General Conference at the University of Iceland, Reykjavik, 25-27 August 2011. The RECON section contains a total of seven panels, most of which are chaired by RECON-affiliated researchers and covering topics central to the project.

For further details, see the Reykjavik 2011 conference page.


Section abstract

Section chair: Hans-Jörg Trenz (ARENA, University of Oslo)

The purpose of the section is to examine from a range of perspectives the possible need to (re-)conceive of democracy under conditions of pluralism, diversity and complex multilevel governance. In this sense the focus is on the emerging EU-polity and its interaction with national and regional/local levels of government. The section thus invites theoretical and substantive contributions that respond to current trends and challenges in the transformation of democracy in Europe. 


List of panels



Democracy and the Reconfiguration of the State in Europe

WP 1

Erik O. Eriksen, ARENA

What are the Main Democratic Lessons from the EU’s Constitutional Experience?

WP 2

John Erik Fossum, ARENA, Agustín J. Menéndez, ULEON (co-chair), Hans-Jörg Trenz, ARENA (discussant)

National Parliaments in the EU: Between Exercising Control and Distributing Information?

WP 3

Johannes Pollak, OEAW/Webster, Jürgen Neyer, EUI/European University Viadrina (co-chair), Chris Lord, ARENA (discussant)

Gender Justice and Democracy  

WP 4

Yvonne Galligan, QUB

Reconstituting Democracy in the EU: The Role of Civil Society, Identity and the Public Sphere

WP 5

Zdenka Mansfeldova, ASCR, Ulrike Liebert, UniHB (discussant)

Ethnic and National Diversity and Democracy in Europe

WP 8

Monika Mokre, OEAW

Demoi-cracy in the EU

Frank Schimmelfennig, Rebecca Welge (co-chair), Francis Cheneval (discussant)