WP 2 – The Constitutionalisation of the EU, the Europeanisation of National Constitutions, and Constitutionalism Compared






Workshop: The Reform Treaty and National Constitutions: Towards Further Europeanisation? What are the Democratic Implications?

25-26 January 2008

Centre for Political and Constitutional Studies

Madrid, Spain

Baltic Expert Workshop: European Integration – Challenges and Visions from the Baltic Perspective: Debates on the Future of Europe from Constitutional to the Lisbon Treaty and beyond 

20-21 November 2008

Riga Graduate School of Law 

Riga, Latvia 

Workshop: Lessons from Europe’s and Canada’s Constitutional Experiences 

20-21 March 2009

ARENA, University of Oslo
Nordic Association for Canadian Studies (NACS)
European Network for Canadian Studies (ENCS)

Oslo, Norway 

15-16 May 2009

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Workshop: A Multitude of Constitutions? The European Constitutional Pluralism in Question

13-14 January 2011

ARENA, University of Oslo and Research Programme on Democracy, University of Oslo

Oslo, Norway

Workshop:Strengthening democracy in the EU: alternative forms of representation (joint workshop WP 2, WP 3 and WP 5)

14-15 July 2011

University of Bremen

Bremen, Germany

Workshop: European Constitutional Pluralism and the Constitution of the Union

10-11 November 2011

Spanish National Research Council

Madrid, Spain

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Other events

ECPR Joint Sessions 2008: workshop on ‘Contested Constitutionalisation: Towards a Theory of Democratic Constitutionalism’

11-16 April 2008

Convenors: Antje Wiener, BATH and Rainer Schmalz-Bruns, JWGU

Rennes, France