Re-Framing Transnational Governance

WP 9 – Global Transnationalisation and Democratisation Compared 

WP 9 events

Florence, 9 March 2007

Villa La Fonte, Sala A, San Domenico di Fiesole

The first WP 9 workshop was organised by the Department of Law at the European University Institute in Florence. It was held in conjunction with a workshop of the University of Bremen coordinated project Transformation of the State which took place on 8 March 2007.

The workshop was a preliminary exercise aimed at framing the future work of WP 9. The first of three sessions dealt with meta-discourses on transnational law and was aimed at mapping the current theoretical debate on transnational law. The second session dealt with transnational product and process regulation and provided an opportunity for exploring developments within specific areas of transnational market regulation, also with a focus on the World Trade Organization (WTO). The third session linked the work of WP 9 to WP 2 – Constitutional Politics, and focused on comparative aspects of transnational democracy. The workshop ended with a panel discussion where the plans for the future work of WP 9 were concretised.

A follow-up workshop will be arranged late 2007 in which subjects (e.g. labor standards and human rights) which had to be left out for different reasons would be taken up, while others would be developed further in co-operation with WP 2. A more comprehensive workshop of both sub-projects of WP 9 will take place in March 2008. All WP 9 events.

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Part I. Meta-discourses on Transnational Law


Welcome and coffee
Christian Joerges and Neil Walker, European University Institute

Chair: Greg Schaffer, Loyola University Chicago


Globalization and Transnational Constitutionalism, Neil Walker, European University Institute 


The Deliberative Turn in Integration Theory, Jürgen Neyer, Europa-Unviersität Viadrina Frankfurt (Oder)


Conflict of Laws as Constitutional Form II: The Example of International Trade – An Outline, Christian Joerges, European University Institute





Part II. Transnational Product and Process Regulation


Chair: Karl-Heinz Ladeur, University of Hamburg

GATT’s Environmental Stranglehold, Fiona Macmillan, Birkbeck University of London
Authorisation of Genetically Modified Food in the EU: The Value of the Governance Concept for Legal Analysis, Maria Weimer, European University Institute
Rationality Within Reach? On the Legitimacy of European Chemicals Regulation, Poul F. Kjaer, European University Institute
Comment, Gregory Shaffer, Loyola University Chicago




Lunch (Villa la Fonte

Part III. Global Transnationalisation and Democratisation Compared

Chair: Christian Joerges, European University Institute


Post-national Convergence? John Erik Fossum, ARENA, University of Oslo



Part IV. Concluding Panel and Discussion

Chair and introduction, Karl-Heinz Ladeur, University of Hamburg 



Christian Joerges, European University Institute

Fiona Macmillan, Birkbeck University of London

Gregory Shaffer, Loyola University Chicago

Neil Walker, European University Institute 


Dinner (La Lance, Fiesole


WP 9 Events

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