Conflict of Laws and Laws of Conflict in Europe and Beyond – Patterns of Supranational and Transnational Juridification

WP 9 – Global Transnationalisation and Democratisation Compared 

WP 9 events

Florence, 21 September 2007 

Conference Room, Villa La Fonte, San Domenico di Fiesole

Organised by Dr. Rainer Nickel

Hosted by the Law Department, European University Institute



Download programme (pdf) 


I. Coffee and Welcome

Welcome address
Ernst-Ulrich Petersmann, Head of Department, EUI

Introduction to the Workshop Agenda
Rainer Nickel, Johann Wolfgang Goethe University, Frankfurt/Main


II. Deliberative Supranationalism: Law and Democracy in the Post-National Constellation

Chair: John Erik Fossum, ARENA, University of Oslo   

Habermas, Supranational Democracy and the European Constitution
John McCormick, University of Chicago

Judicial Adjudication in the Context of Constitutional Pluralism
Miguel P. Maduro, Advocate General, Luxembourg/University of Lisbon

Biopolitics and the Executive
Michelle Everson, Birkbeck College, University of London


Uncertain Law and Uncertain Risks (working title)
Ellen Vos, University of Maastricht

Christian Joerges, EUI 

11:15-11:45  Coffee break


III. Transnational Regulation and Societal Constitutionalism: Conflict of Laws or Law of Conflicts?

Chair:  Damian Chalmers, LSE, London

Method, Metaphor, Metanorm: Of Conflict of Laws in the Oeuvre of Christian Joerges
Harm Schepel, University of Kent

An Emerging Transnational Juristocracy? The Role of the Courts in Creating Patterns  of Transnational Constitutionalism
Rainer Nickel, Johann Wolfgang Goethe University, Frankfurt/Main

Constitutionalisation Beyond the State: Self-righteous Private Regimes or Proceduralised Conflicts Law?
Florian Rödl, Centre for European Law and Politics, University of Bremen

Christian Joerges, EUI

13:30-15:00 Lunch break


IV. Social Rights and Social Justice: Can the Social survive European Integration? 

Chair: Karl-Heinz Ladeur, University of Hamburg 

Privatisation of Private Law: A New Approach Beyond the State?
Andreas Furrer, University of Luzern

Solidarity and EC Competition Law (working title)
Nina Boeger, University of Bristol

Services of General Economic Interest
Wolf Sauter, Competition Expert of the Dutch Healthcare Authority and extramural fellow, Tilburg Centre for Law and Economics

Christian Joerges, EUI

17:00 Law Department reception, Sala Mensa, Villa La Fonte

19:30 Dinner at the Trattoria Graziella, Via Cave Di Maiano 18/20, 50014 Fiesole (FI), 055 599963



Alicia Cebada Romero, Univ. Carlos III, Madrid

Joseph Corkin, Middlesex University

Erik O. Eriksen, ARENA/Oslo

John Erik Fossum, ARENA/Oslo

Jona Israel, University of Maastricht

Poul Kjaer, EUI, Florence

Karl-Heinz Ladeur, University of Hamburg

Claire O’Brien, EUI, Florence

Gianluigi Palombella, Università di Parma

Kara Preedy, Geiser & von Oppen Esq., Berlin

Kristina Riedl, University of Vienna

Domenico Siciliano, University of Florence

Maria Weimer, EUI, Florence


Further participants

Vesela Andreeva, Visiting Researcher, EUI, Florence/PhD student at the Department of International Private Law of the Autonomous University of Barcelona

Marinella Baschiera, Researcher, EUI, Florence, Law Department

Iris Benöhr, Researcher, EUI, Florence, Law Department

Prof. Marise Cremona, EUI, Florence, Law Department

Prof. Bruno de Witte, EUI, Florence, Law Department

Ewa Gromnicka, EUI, Florence, Law Department

Horstpeter Kreppel, Président de la première chambre, Tribunal de la fonction publique de l’Union européenne, Luxembourg

Charles-Henry Massa, Researcher, EUI, Florence, Law Department

Clara Marsan Raventós, Researcher, EUI, Florence, Law Department

Prof. Wojciech Sadurski, EUI, Florence, Law Department

Prof. Marek Safjan, EUI, Florence and Univ. of Warsaw/Former President of the Constitutional Tribunal, Warsaw

Alessandro Ianniello Saliceti, EC Institutional Fellow, EUI, Florence, RSC 

Prof. Heike Schweitzer, EUI, Florence, Law Department

Vassilis P. Tzevelekos, Researcher, EUI, Florence, Law Department

Valentina Vadi, Researcher, EUI, Florence, Law Department

Dr. Ana Filipa Vrdoljak, Marie-Curie Fellow, EUI, Florence, Law Department 

Prof. Barbara Bennett Woodhouse, Fernand Braudel Senior Fellow, EUI, Florence, Law Department

Chien-huei Wu, Researcher, EUI, Florence, Law Department 


WP 9 Events