Joint WP 5 / WP 8 workshop

Identity as a variable of democracy in Europe: a comparative Q methodology approach

WP 5 – Civil Society and the Public Sphere

WP 8 – Identity Formation and Enlargement

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Krakow, 17-18 April 2009


Coordinators: PD Dr. Rosemarie Sackmann, University of W├╝rzburg/University of Bremen and Prof. Ulrike Liebert, University of Bremen

Host: Jagiellonian University, Krakow

This workshop aims at introducing participants from three RECON partners (Krakow, Budapest, Bremen) to the Q methodology approach and to jointly develop an empirical research design for a comparative analysis of collective identity patterns as a variable of the RECON models, across three countries, and based on a comparable Q methodology approach to students from six universities, in Spring/early Summer 2009.

Read more on the research objectives of WP 5 and of WP 8, and on the overall research objectives of RECON.



Friday, 17 April 2009


Rosemarie Sackmann

Research with Q methodology:
– the interplay of quantitative and qualitative parts of the method (with examples from the pilot study)
– the interview in praxis
– details on the data collection procedures


Participant discussion

Which dimensions of collective identities should be included in the Q set?
Which (if any) should be emphasized?
Which nationally specific aspects need to be considered?


Saturday, 18 April 2009


Rosemarie Sackmann

Relating the ‘RECON models’ to variable theoretical ‘identity conceptions’, translating the identity variables in statements for the Q set (inputs for collective work, based on proposal by Ulrike Liebert)


Collective work on different identity conceptions

National, supranational, cosmopolitan identities (to consider: content, strength, demarcations)



Other identity conceptions and statements for capturing marginalized patterns (with regard o collective identities)  


Who should be interviewed and which additional questions should be asked (socio-demographic information; connections to Eurobarometer questions) 


Questions of organization

How do we organize the computer based comparative analysis?
How can we exchange ideas, resolve problems encountered in empirical research, and discuss first interpretations of results?

When will we meet again?
Time frame (-> RECON conference in Prague, 8-11 Oct 2009?)


Organised by the Jagiellonian University Krakow in cooperation with the University of Bremen


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