Project Management


RECON is coordinated by ARENA – Centre for European Studies at the University of Oslo.

Contact details

Scientific Coordinator

Prof. Erik O. Eriksen

Overall scientific coordination and management


Substitute Coordinator: Prof. John Erik Fossum


Project Manager

Geir Kværk

Practical day-to-day management in contractual, legal, financial and administrative terms, implementation of the decisions made by the SAC and the GA. 


Project Officer


Marit Eldholm 

Administration and communications. Web master, project management tool and intranet (ProjectCoordinator®X), dissemination activities.


General Assembly (GA)

The General Assembly is RECON’s highest management organ in which all partners are represented with one vote. It is a forum for discussion and decision-making in which the partners make all necessary decisions related to the project. The GA meets annually with the main tasks being to discuss and approve annual activity reports, revise and update the work plan, and agree upon a detailed budget in accordance with this.

Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC)

The Scientific Advisory Committee consists of the work package leaders, the coordinator and the project manager. It meets twice a year and is set up to ensure research progress, coherence and coordination of the work packages. The SAC ensures that RECON’s overall framework is diffused to and properly applied by all the researchers in the work packages. It has particular responsibility for the operationalisation and empirical testing of the three RECON models, and is as such in charge of theoretical integration in each WP, as well as across WPs. The body prepares the annual activity reports and proposals for an updated work plan for discussion in the GA.

Details on the composition, proceedings, responsibilities and decision-making procedures of the GA and SAC are outlined in the RECON Consortium Agreement (CA) (log-in required).