Project Structure

RECON integrates several sub-projects under a common theoretical framework. The work is structured by 11 work packages (WPs). WP 1 establishes the theoretical perspective underlying the whole project and ensures integration of the research. The three RECON models are applied to a range of research topics, and each of the WPs 2 to 9 is dedicated to a specific empirical research field:

WP 2 – The Constitutionalisation of the EU, the Europeanisation of National Constitutions, and Constitutionalism Compared

WP 3 – Representation and Institutional Make-up

WP 4 – Justice, Democracy and Gender

WP 5 – Civil Society and the Public Sphere

WP 6 – The Foreign and Security Dimension

WP 7 – The Political Economy of the European Union

WP 8 – Identity Formation and Enlargement

WP 9 – Global Transnationalisation and Democratisation Compared

WP 10 is devoted to dissemination activities that will increase public awareness and visibility of the project findings and knowledge. WP 0 deals with consortium management activities.