RECON’s publication series

RECON has established an online working paper series for the publication of pre-print manuscripts from the researchers involved in the project, but also from other researchers working within the fields covered by RECON. The focus of the series is on the study of democracy within the multilevel configuration that makes up the EU. General information on the series.

The RECON Online Working Papers are available through ERPA (European Research Papers Archive) and EBSCO. Papers are available in electronic format only.


RECON’s report series is part of the established ARENA Report Series, and is aimed at publishing a collection of papers, such as conference and workshop proceedings, or longer studies or theses. The reports are available in print format, or can be downloaded in electronic format here.




Publications database

RECON’s publications database includes working papers and reports, workshop and conference papers, journal articles, books and other publications by researchers in the project, as well as all publications in the RECON working paper and report series. A list of publications and activities are available for each researcher involved in the project as well as for each work package. A search engine allows you to search all the publications and presentations in the database.


Books and special issues

RECON researchers are involved in a broad range of research and a number of other projects. The list of books and special issues are publications by project partners that do not result directly from the project, but are nevertheless of particular relevance to RECON.