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WP 4 – Justice, Democracy and Gender

Gender equality is an essential component of a just and democratic society. RECON therefore asks how Europe’s democracy fares when it is put under the gender spotlight. What is the status of gender equality and gender democracy within the enlarged European Union? Are there significant differences in the various regions of Europe? What level(s) of governance is (are) the most relevant for the rectification of injustice and elimination of gender inequality? What kind of policies should the EU pursue inorder to sustain gender democracy at all levels?


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Selected findings from RECON’s research on justice, democracy and gender

  • The European Parliament is a more gender-inclusive institution than the Council
  • Gender equality arguments are often countered and overridden by those of business-oriented groups
  • The transposition of an EU directive on gender equality often results in national politics overriding the EU dimension
  • Conformity by member states to EU law on gender equality may be superficial
  • The EU plays a general progressive role in the field of gender equality and anti- discrimination policies
  • When a country moves beyond the minimum gender equality threshold set by the EU, the EU effect decreases and may even turn into a negative effect
  • Encouraging the inclusion of women’s civil society voices in the decision- making process would strengthen gender democracy in the EU


Read more on these findings in the WP 4 leaflet Gender democracy – dream or reality for Europe? (pdf), which presents snapshots of selected findings to practitioners and policy makers, media and informed readers, civil society actors and interest groups, as well as other ‘stakeholders’.

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Reconstituting Democracy in Europe – Snapshots of findings (pdf)

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