Seminar: The fate of the Constitutional Treaty

Oslo, 17 September 2007, 14:00-16:00 

ARENA’s seminar room (1047)
Eilert Sundts hus, Blindern, University of Oslo

At the EU Summit in June 2007 European leaders agreed on the outline of a new Reform Treaty to replace the Constitutional Treaty. After intense rounds of negotiation, this last-minute deal was deemed a success for the German presidency. The detailed mandate for drafting a new Reform Treaty implies a return to intergovernmental bargaining for treaty change. It furthermore discards of the ‘constitutional’ label and focuses on institutional questions.

However, are the changes real or merely symbolic? Is it really not a reform with constitutional implications? Does the Reform Treaty imply more supranationalism or less? Will the EU become more or less democratic if the Reform Treaty is ratified?

Within the framework of the RECON project, policy adviser in the Amato group and political economist Stefan Collignon and legal scholar Agustín J. Menéndez present two different views on the simplified treaty. According to Prof. Collignon, the Reform Treaty represents a result that is as good as it could get. Menéndez on the other side, questions the claim that the Reform Treaty is so ‘simplified’.


A defence of the Reform Treaty

Prof. Stefan Collignon
London School of Economics and Political Science


The pitfalls of a simplified treaty (download paper)

Dr. Agustín José Menéndez
University of León and ARENA





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