RECON Reflection Group


RECON’s reflection group consists of prominent scholars from Europe, Australia, Canada and the US. This group reviews the project’s work and has a broad perspective on its development and progress, and provides an institutionalized link to the wider research community.

James Bohman

Saint Louis University, USA

Lars Blichner

University of Bergen, Norway

Hauke Brunkhorst

University of Flensburg, Germany

Tanja Hitzel-Cassagnes

University of Hannover, Germany

Simone Chambers

University of Toronto, Canada

Gerard Delanty

University of Sussex, UK

John Dryzek

Australian National University, Australia

Klaus Eder

Humboldt University Berlin, Germany

Mattias Kumm

New York University School of Law, USA

Anders Molander

Oslo University College, Norway

Philippe C. Schmitter

European University Institute, Italy