RECON Report No 6



The Parliamentary Control of European Security Policy

Dirk Peters, Wolfgang Wagner and Nicole Deitelhoff (eds)

RECON Report No 6

ARENA Report 7/08, Oslo, December 2008


How can parliaments on all levels contribute to the democratic control of European security policy? This question is the focus of the present report from RECON’s Work Package 6 on the foreign and security dimension of the EU. The report results from the workshop ‘Parliamentary Control of Foreign and Security Policy’, which was organized by the Peace Research Institute Frankfurt in December 2007. Individual contributions discuss why parliaments should have a role in European security policy at all and examine how different parliaments are actually involved in this area: the European Parliament, transnational parliamentary assemblies and national parliaments. A chapter by the editors draws together the results and employs the concept of the parliamentary field to discuss the findings against the backdrop of RECON’s theoretical base.


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