Workshop on representative theory

WP 3 – Representation and Institutional Make-up

WP 3 events 

Vienna, 22 May 2009

Venue: Austrian Academy of Sciences,  Dr. Ignaz Seipel Platz 2,  A-1010 Vienna,  Museumszimmer


The Institute for European Integration at the Austrian Academy of Sciences will host a workshop on representative theory as part of RECON’s work package 3 on Representation and Institutional Make-up.

The aim of the workshop is to critically discuss new theoretical developments in representative theory, explore the relations between deliberative and representative democracy approaches, and discuss the representative features of the three RECON models.


Read more on the research objectives of WP 3. and on the overall research objectives of RECON.


Workshop summary (D56) (pdf)



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What is representation good for at all?


How to represent demoi
James Bohman, Saint Louis University


The democratic value of representation
Christopher Lord, ARENA, University of Oslo


The return of representation in democratic theory: reasons and prospectives
Dario Castiglione, University of Exeter

Comments: John Erik Fossum, ARENA, University of Oslo


Lunch break


The representative properties of the RECON models


Reconstituting political representation in the EU: an analytical framework embedding SHARE within RECON
Monika Mokre/Manos Sigalas, Austrian Academy of Sciences


Exploring structures and standards of [democratic representation in] the multilevel
parliamentary field: the case of the EU Services Directive

Ben Crum/Eric Miklin, VU University Amsterdam


The representation of civil society across levels of governance: conceptual issues and empirical evidence
Sandra Kröger, University of Bremen

Comments: Berthold Rittberger, MZES, University of Mannheim





For further information, please contact Johannes Pollak.