Women’s Worlds Congress

Madrid, 3-9 July 2008

The panel New Research Agendas on Gender Politics and Policies in the European Union will be held at the Women’s Worlds Congress in Madrid, on Sunday 6 July at 3pm.

This panel brings together 4 ongoing research projects funded by the EU under the 6th Framework Programme:
EUROSPHERE – Diversity and the European Public Sphere
FEMCIT – Gendered Citizenship in Multicultural Europe
QUINGQuality in Gender+ Equality Policies
RECON – Reconstituting Democracy in Europe (WP 4 – Gender, Justice and Democracy)
Each of these projects is developing innovative theoretical and methodological approaches to the study of the gendered dimensions of politics and policy in the European Union. This includes a focus on how gender justice, citizenship and democracy are conceptualised in the EU and how such conceptualisations are translated into practice.

The chief objective of this panel is to initiate a debate about key theoretical and methodological challenges facing researchers on gender politics and policy in this complex polity, and the main strategies that are being developed in response to those challenges.

Chair: Yvonne Galligan (Queen’s University Belfast), RECON

Speakers include:
Beatrice Halsaa (University of Oslo), Femcit
Malin Ronnblom (Umeå University), QUING
Lise Rolandsen (University of Aalborg), EUROSPHERE
Sara Clavero (Queen’s University Belfast), RECON



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