The Constitutionalisation of the EU, the Europeanisation of National Constitutions, and Constitutionalism Compared

Work package 2


WP coordinators: 

Ben Crum, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

 John Erik Fossum, ARENA, University of Oslo

The purpose of studying the constitutionalisation of the EU is to obtain vital information on the prospects for supranational democracy in Europe. WP 2 analyses the impact of the dual processes of EU constitutionalisation and Europeanisation of national constitutions on the reconstitution of democracy in Europe. Which conception of democracy do these constitutional processes speak to – a national, European, or cosmopolitan reconstruction of democracy? Will they undermine or consolidate national democracy? How well do the processes and the results reflect democratic requirements?

WP 2 also derives lessons from the likely defunct Laeken constitutional experience and sees this in light of relevant non-European cases of contemporary democratic constitution making. Further, through analysing constitutional adaptations at the national level we gain valuable insights into the factors that increase the democratic legitimacy of the supranational and the national levels of government, and policy implications are derived from these.

More details on the research objectives of WP 2.


Publications and findings from WP 2

Research from the project is published in academic journals and books, as well as in RECON’s publication series (reports and online working papers). A complete list of publications and presentations from WP 2 is available for each year of the project. 

This research group organises a number of workshops and conferences, as well as panels at international conferences. Complete list of WP 2 events.


RECON participants WP 2

ARENA, University of Oslo
John Erik Fossum (coordinator)

Center of Political and Constitutional Studies, Madrid (until August 2008)
Carlos Closa, Julio Baquero Cruz, Antonio Barroso Villaescusa

Spanish National Research Council (CSIC), Madrid (from August 2008)
Carlos Closa, Patricio Galella, Pablo José Castillo Ortiz, Cristina Daniela Vintila

European University Institute, Florence
Christian Joerges, Neil Walker

Riga Graduate School of Law (until December 2009)
Kristine Kruma, Tatjana Evas

University of Bremen
Tatjana Evas

University of León
Flavia Carbonell, Fernando Losada Fraga, Agustín José Menéndez

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Ben Crum (coordinator), Eric Miklin