Justice, Democracy and Gender

Work package 4

WP coordinator    

Yvonne Galligan, Queen’s University Belfast


The multilevel institutional make-up of Europe raises a number of questions pertaining to gender equality, which is an essential component of a just and democratic society.

  • What level(s) of governance is (are) the most relevant for the rectification of injustice and elimination of gender inequality?
  • Are there significant differences in gender equality in the various regions of Europe?
  • Recent research has shown that many member states still resist gender equality – in practice if not formally. Is there a systematic East-West or South-North bias?
  • What is the relation between gender equality and the democratisation processes in the new member states and candidate countries?

The objectives of WP 4 are to explore the status of gender equality within the enlarged EU, to analyse what kind of gender policies can be justified with regard to the three RECON models, and to suggest recommendations for how gender equality can best be fostered within Europe and beyond.

More details on the research objectives of WP 4.


Publications and findings from WP 4

Research from the project is published in academic journals and books, as well as in RECON’s publication series (reports and online working papers). A complete list of publications and presentations from WP 4 is available for each year of the project. 

This research group organises a number of workshops and conferences, as well as panels at international conferences. Complete list of WP 4 events.

WP 4 cooperates with the following organisations, networks and organisations.   


RECON participants WP 4

ARENA, University of Oslo
Cathrine Holst

Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest
Borbala Kriza, Nóra Schleicher, Róza Vajda

Queen’s University Belfast
Yvonne Galligan (coordinator), Sara Clavero

Jagiellonian University Krakow
Katarzyna Zielinska

Sabanci University Istanbul
Nora Fisher Onar, Meltem Müftüler-Baç